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Working with long-time collaborator Parker-Hannifin Velcon Fuel Filtration Division, FTL is researching a two-part fuel purification solution that both separates offloaded fuels and oils during maintenance operations, and further purifies the offloaded fuel to an acceptable level for use in ground support equipment servicing the flight line. The HHB-1 system has two components. The first component, called the “HIPPO” is a wheeled and towable tank cart which contains a waste fuel storage tank, and a separate waste oil storage tank.

HIPPO towable tank cart

When maintenance operations are complete, the HIPPO is towed to a secondary piece of equipment called the “HONEY BEE”. The HONEY BEE is mounted on a 463L compatible frame and consists of several filtration and separation technologies that purify fuel to an acceptable contaminant level for use in combustion engine driven equipment. The HONEY BEE can also be equipped with FTL’s latest state-of-the-art contamination detection and quantification technology that’s currently being assessed by the Navy (NAVAIR) and the Army (RDECom TARDEC). Collectively called the “HHB-1”, the HIPPO and HONEY BEE will provide a safe, cost effective, military hardened flight line fuel purification platform, significantly lowering fuel related catastrophic failures of ground support vehicles, while at the same time increasing their maintenance intervals.

HIPPO from aboveHoneyBee image