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Applying emerging speaker materials, audio chipsets, and room-correction algorithms to ensure repeatability in audiology tests, FTL's Sonoloop is a powerful new enabling technology for speaker response correction using Digital Signal Processing (DSP), head tracking, and a novel, portable speaker design. The system can be field-calibrated for quantitative results in small spaces.

SonoLoop full design with person

In any multi-speaker design, there is a balance between proximity to the listener, which helps eliminate room effects, but can lead to rapid changes in intensity with head movement, and integration into the room, which generally requires consideration of room shape and reflection properties, thus reducing ease-of-setup. SonoLoop provides an optimized solution by combining free-space proximity with automated head movement feedback and cutting-edge DSP calibration/room-correction.

SonoLoop is designed to be quickly set up and taken down for storage between uses. A free-standing installation is used to eliminate permanent modifications of the room. Plug-and-play interfacing and one-button calibration routines allow non-experts to prepare for testing in any available space. FTL’s design is based on a mature, modular architecture built largely from consumer components. Built into the speaker system is an inexpensive machine vision camera that automatically records head location and provides the users with an intuitive indication of head movement. Furthermore, the embedded processor system that enables head tracking also implements cutting-edge impulse-response room correction for repeatable performance in all settings.

SonoLoop ring designSonoLoop top down diagram with headSonoLoop rendering with tripods