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The socket interface of a prosthetic system can be regarded as a highly complex mechanical joint, acting as a means for transferring forces between the prosthesis and the patient’s skeletal system through soft tissue. To fully characterize this joint, both forces and motion between the socket and residual bone would need to be known to derive exhaustive socket performance metrics. Although there are products that monitor generalized forces and pressures of this interface, there has been no solution for recording relative motion.

ElectroSeptic Tank operating

SoundFit monitors and records relative motion between the prosthesis socket and the residual limb bone. This data fills the knowledge gap that currently exists when trying to assess the performance of the socket interface. Metrics derived with SoundFit may include sagittal/frontal range of motion and peak velocity during an activity, which correlate with interface stiffness and damping. If SoundFit is coupled with other systems that monitor force directly or a general motion capture system, metrics such as interface stiffness/damping throughout an activity such as walking can be calculated directly, as well as mechanical energy transfer efficiency and more. Once motion statistics are examined over time, acceptable ranges of socket performance metric values needed for satisfactory patient rehabilitation will be known.

For more information, please check out the PDF brochure about the next generation of SoundFit, titled FoCUS! FoCUS is currently deployed in labs across the country. If you'd like to inquire in your organization, please contact Andy LaPre.

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