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FTL Labs is more about finding the right people and drawing a circle around what they bring and saying "this is what we are", rather than deciding "this is what we are" and finding people to fill that box.

Dr. Michael White

A Ph.D. in physics, Dr. White has three patents and extensive publications in the areas spanning industrial process control technology, optical sensing, biomedical device design, ophthalmic devices, atmospheric sciences, and oceanographic modeling. As the CEO/CTO of Templeman Automation, Dr. White led industrial and SBIR-funded research as well as product development, bringing two technology products to market, including a low-cost PCR device. Dr. White is CEO/CTO at FTL Labs Corporation. Email Mike

Kristie Stauch-White

Holding a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering, with a background in Physics, Math, Chemistry and Business and extensive bench experimentation experience, Ms. Stauch-White has led SBIR-funded research for NASA, NSF, and DOD, and academic research as an NSF Graduate Research Fellow, a Boscov Fellow, and a Raymond A. Noga and Karen Murphy Noga Fellow. Kristie has experience developing and evaluating innovative water and wastewater treatment methods and systems, and instrumentation utilizing laser, imaging, and polarimetry optics. Ms. Stauch-White is the VP of Operations and Technology and a contributing scientist at FTL Labs Corporation.

David Thomas

A mechanical engineer by training, Mr. Thomas specializes in product design, device development, solid modeling for fabrication, and manufacturing techniques. As an expert-user in SolidWorks, Mr. Thomas bridges the gap between experimental apparatus and professional-quality product creation. As founder of his ongoing technology start-up, Mr. Thomas has led mechanical, electronic, and embedded software development efforts in the computer peripherals sector. Mr. Thomas is a contributing engineer at FTL Labs Corporation.

Dr. Andrew LaPre

FTL’s Principal Engineer Dr. Andrew LaPre holds a doctoral degree from the Mechatronics and Robotics Research Laboratory within the Mechanical Engineering Department of UMass, Amherst. Specializing in assistive robotic technologies, human simulation, and simulation-driven design, he has authored many peer-reviewed papers and has designed and tested numerous wearable biometric sensor systems and robotic prosthesis prototypes. Notable previous work includes the development of an active alignment transtibial prosthesis for efficient amputee gait and reduced residual limb pressures. Currently, Dr. LaPre leads three Phase II SBIR programs that are focused on quantifying the performance of prosthetic systems through the development of revolutionary wearable sensor systems.

Damon Blanchette

Mr. Blanchette has a Master's degree in Computer Science with a focus on computer graphics from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. He joined FTL in 2016 to head software development, and specializes in real-time graphics display on both desktop and mobile applications. Previous to joining FTL, Damon worked on varied graphics and software development projects, including modeling, animation, and display, and real-time physics-based spectral rendering of the refraction of light through arbitrary transparent objects. Damon's current work includes virtual reality applications utilizing 3D interaction and augmented reality display via mobile devices.

Dr. Joe Weber

Dr. Weber is a multidisciplinary researcher focusing on software engineering, specializing in real-time image processing and 3D visualization applications. He holds a Master's degree from Harvard in Information Technology with a concentration in software engineering, a Ph.D. from Duke in Neurobiology, a BA from UCSD in biochemistry, and was a sergeant in the Air Force. Dr. Weber published the ProteinShader program, an open source molecular visualization program using OpenGL and OpenGL Shading Language, which he continues to support for open use by biochemistry researchers worldwide. Dr. Weber has taught university computer science courses and developed software in a variety of languages including: Java, C/C++, UNIX, MATLAB, UML, Perl, Lisp, HTML, ColdFusion, and others. Dr. Weber has numerous publications in the fields of computer science, neurobiology, and biochemistry.

Leonard White

A BS in Physics with Computer Sciences from Rutgers and a MS in Physics from the University of California, Irvine, Len is a top-notch software engineer specializing in interfaces, 3D visualization, and physics-based simulation. Before joining FTL, Leonard worked for nearly a decade in Hollywood at both Sony Pictures and Rhythm & Hues Studios, leading large teams in the development of computer animation and effects for feature films. His film credits include Ghostrider, Spiderman 2 and Matrix Revolutions. Leonard has expertise in numerous 3D and 2D modeling tools and programming languages. Mr. White is a contributing scientist at FTL Labs Corporation.

Peter Moore

With a background in Audio and Electronics, Mr. Moore specializes in Product Design and Project Management. At Pinnacle, Mr. Moore was head of the Engineering Department in charge of Product Conception, Design, Management and Quality Control. With a patent, many awards and experience designing hundreds of consumer products, Mr. Moore is a contributing engineer at FTL Labs Corporation.

Miles Austin

Mr. Austin is a multi-disciplined systems architect employing a wealth of operational, management and legal experience. Miles is also a 20-year veteran of fuel/oil contamination detection and management for the aviation, mining and power-generation markets. Miles has been a product manager for a Fortune 500 company, an IT and IoT network engineer, and a systems analyst.

David Fraska

With a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and 7 years of combined software and electrical engineering experience, Mr. Fraska has a broad understanding of software and hardware design and integration. In the software field, Mr. Fraska has experience in Python, C#, C/C++, Java, and many other programming languages. He specializes in user interface as well as hardware interface design. His electrical engineering background and studies in physical science enable him to apply software algorithms such as wavelet transforms and spectrum analysis to an expansive set of engineering problems.

Andrew Abreu

A materials engineer with a bachelor’s degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Mr. Abreu brings experience in a wide range of industries such as renewable energy, nanotechnology research, and manufacturing. As a part of the FTL team, Mr. Abreu’s areas of focus include additive manufacturing design, product development, and solid modeling.

Chris Culpepper

Mr. Culpepper has a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, and experience with Electrical, Software, and Systems Engineering. He brings specific experience with prototype development, mechanical fabrication, analog and digital circuit design, printed circuit board design and manufacturing, as well as requirements design and analysis. This broad knowledge base allows him to adapt to and solve new and varied engineering problems.

Pamela Mandler

Ms. Mandler has a B.S. in Physics and over 15 years of software engineering experience. She has worked with real time underwater signal processing, communications and diagnostics software, firmware for medical embedded systems and website implementation.